How to Get Unstuck When You Hit a Programming Wall

Make the problem concrete

Write out exactly what you’re trying to do

  • Store the course names as keys in the object
  • Pass the argument to the callback function
  • Reset the “maxValue” variable to 0

Simplify your given input

names = [ 
{'first':'John', 'last':'Smith', 'email':''},
{'first':'Mary', 'last':'McDonald', 'email':''},
{'first':'Sam', 'last':'Davey', 'email':''}
name = [
{'first':'John', 'last':'Smith', 'email':''}

Solve a smaller problem

letters = ['abc def', 'ghi jkl']
reversed_letters = []
for letter in letters:
letter_list = letter.split(" ")
reversed_letters.append(" ".join(letter_list))

Take a break

Pair with another programmer

Wrapping up



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